Market Intelligence

Irrespective of leadership, strategies and experienced sales team, companies face shocks if they lack intelligence about the market they operate.

Market Research

“It is wiser to find out than to suppose” – Mark Twain

Market research and analysis can help you define your market, assess your customers’ changing attitudes and gain competitive intelligence. 

Our customized market research service provides in depth knowledge to the client with respect to the product / industry in which the client is involved / interested.

Ufixo methodology comprises more of field work and less of desk research conducted by well experienced team. 

Competition Intelligence

Keeping an eye on competitor’s move is very critical not only to safeguard your existing market share but also for acquiring competitor’s accounts. Even the best strategies get spoiled in lack of awareness about competition. Competition Intelligence services provided by Ufixo may help you in:

  • Making informed decisions on Product positioning and pricing.
  • Devising Competition Killing Strategies.
  • Safeguarding existing business & customers.

Satisfaction Analysis

Believe it or not, the cost of retaining an existing customer or employee is far less than acquiring a new one.

Ufixo adopts proven and unique methodology which not only helps in analyzing satisfaction level of  our customer’s end users , but also ensures to create positive mindsets about our customers at their end users.