Business Development

Not all assignments your team can complete alone. You need someone to take ownership of some new assignments.

Business Expansion

In case you are planning to have an inorganic growth either by growing sales in a specific segment, geography , existing Key Accounts or by breakthrough at competitor’s Accounts . Ufixo Team will be able to support you in all such business development projects. Obviously , in an order to achieve inorganic growth , no company would like to take a risk on an existing business and in turn find it difficult to give additional responsibilities to existing team. So, Ufixo Team can take such responsibilities by employing their own Plug & Play Sales team.


Ufixo Team will be happy to discuss with you for all below mentioned services:

– Business Expansion                   – Key Account Management               – Product Management                      – Plug & Play Sales Team

Business Establishment

Ufixo offers quality business development services particularly to companies being interested in entering Indian market. We are specialized in all the stages needed for fresh entrants to do business in India. Newcomers to India may like to choose us for single or multiple services including:

  • Market Research enabling them to decide investment factors including market potential, opportunities, threats etc.
  • Selection / finalization of right business / channel partner.
  • Pilot Sales / Installations, in case they want to taste Indian market before investing.
  • Country Manager Services : Providing right person to manage the key responsibilities
  • Setting up legal entity in India
  • Ufixo will be a great help to you in case you are planning to establish some brand / product / company in India.


Tips: We recommend market research for companies who would like to evaluate the market before committing investment in the Indian market.