B2B Marketing

Marketing has become a compulsory investment for immediate as well as future sales and has to be done very smartly. If you want to develop business, in the highly competitive B2B technology markets, either through existing revenue streams or new ones, you need to generate and convert demand into qualified sales opportunities.

In an order to turn potential customers into real customers , you need specialist B2B sales and marketing organisation that understands your market & products and knows how to deliver results. i.e. why you need Ufixo.

Lead Generation

The more and more opportunities your sales team will contest, more and more they will get. Ufixo adopts many innovative methods for lead generations including traditional telemarketing, digital marketing etc. Conversion rate and strike rate varies from company to company & product to product, but one simple theorem we all follow is “Orders are directly proportional to Leads”

Lead Qualification

But just getting the leads & bombarding it to sales team doesn’t work anymore. It needs to be qualified enough before sales person starts working on it. Sales team have to be very productive every time and so they need to focus just on sales and not anything else.

One irrelevant lead may not only lead to loss of productivity but also may keep sales person away from a very hot lead. No doubt, spending time on useless leads also demotivates sales person and makes him loose his trust on all other leads, but he never knows that the leads which he actually neglected, would have been turned into big projects for him.

Lead Nurturing

After the lead gets qualified and salesman becomes very clear of his offering, the next challenge which comes into picture is engagement and nurturing of project throughout the customer decision journey. Many Sales Head have expressed that their team attends many leads with great enthusiasm, offers their solution to customers with great energy and projects opportunity within internal team very positively, but somewhere lacks follow-up with customers either because they are busy with some other projects or fear a risk of irritating customer by multiple follow ups.

So, at most of the projects they land up giving last minute shocks realizing that customer bought recently from competitors. That is why, it has become imperative to keep customer engaged throughout his decision journey with adequate nurturing in between.

Ufixo team adopts proven methods to keep your customers engaged and nurtured throughout CDJ.

Customer Engagement &  feedback

Complete engagement till customer decision journey. Journey differs by customer segment, with needs and expectations varying at each stage. Getting feedback in between process not only helps you know how customer perceives you and your product but keeps them connected with your company throughout CDJ.

Database Management

Database services enable clients to maximise marketing effectiveness by building, maintaining and using accurate prospect and customer data.

In today’s era of technology, success of business highly depends on the kind of database you have in your system. Having an inaccurate database not only defeats the purpose of entire marketing activities, but also contributes to a huge loss of productivity for both sales & marketing team. There are many database companies in market but accuracy of databases provided by them are either wrong or irrelevant to your business.

Ufixo team can not only devise the relevant database for your organization but also can sanitize the existing database you have.


All traditional events, road shows, participation in exhibitions not only cost B2B sellers a lot but also lack a lot creating significant positive impact on their customers.  Ufixo employs innovative and result oriented ways for organising events, product launches for you.